• Massage: Delivered at your next Convention or Trade Show may win you clients and boost sales!

  • Draw more traffic to your booth - who wouldn’t want a quick chair massage to de-stress from the hubbub of a large convention?

  • Potential clients stay longer at your site - while we facilitate the release of “feel good” endorphins and relax your client.

  • This will allow them to slow down long enough to really hear your message, plus potentially feel happy with your brand by association.

  • Treat your top clients (or your top sellers) right - with a chair massage or a full-length table massage during your event - see our hotel page for enhanced description. Perfect as a thank you gift or incentive.


Chair massages are usually 5-15 minutes in length per person.
Our Massage Therapists can massage 4-10 people an hour this way.
Here is an example for what we can provide for your next Convention:

If your convention has 200 participants, we would recommend 5 Licensed Massage Therapists for 3 hours, from Massage: Delivered.  This way, each therapist can massage 15+ people each, for a total of potentially 75+ participants that are drawn into your booth or trade show.

All packages are customizable, and created at the request of the Organizer.  We can provide anywhere from one to over TEN therapists at one time for your event!