Senior Communities

Massage: Delivered provides on-site Massage Therapy to senior residents of many facilities across the Capital District. This is a wonderful addition to the range of amenities already provided by any facility.

A recommended option is providing on-site chair or table massage on a monthly or more frequent basis for residents. Massage Therapy benefits the Health and Wellness of our “aging community” in many valuable ways including:


Promote better health

  • Increases circulation - both blood and lymphatic flow

  • Increases range of motion for joints

  • Decreases muscular pain and restrictions

  • Boosts the body’s immune system function

  • Skin care is very important as we age, and massage (especially with lotion) provides nourishment for the skin

  • Touch is so valuable to this community that may not receive a lot of interaction this way - it is very healing and powerful

Stress relief benefits

  • Feels great and relaxes

  • Can elevate mood by releasing “happy chemicals” like serotonin

  • Decreases stress hormones like cortisol

Example Session:

One therapist can provide 4-6 residents chair massages per hour. Two hours would provide 8-12 residents with chair massages.

Equipment Provided

  • Portable massage table and/or portable massage chair
    (some residents may be more comfortable in their own recliners and we would want to accommodate their comfort in this circumstance.)

  • Music - for relaxation and enjoyment

  • Sanitization materials - paper towels, disinfectant wipes and spray, hand cleaners, headrest covers that are changed in between every client

  • Linens - as needed for table massage, we provide the sheets used to cover the table and the resident

  • Lotion - as needed for hand or foot massage, or for full-body massage if needed

  • Insured - All Massage: Delivered staff are NYS Licensed Massage Therapists. Each has individual insurance coverage. Massage: Delivered also carries additional commercial liability insurance.

Getting Started

  • Designate a “Wellness Day/Relaxation Day” and allow guests to sign up ahead of time for their appointment.

  • Chair massage is organized into shorter time blocks, usually 10-15 minutes per client, and the client remains clothed.

  • Table massage is usually 30-60 minutes per client, and is provided in their private rooms.

  • We bring massage chairs, tables, or even a reclining lounge chair and offer massages anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes in length!

  • Cost: $80 per hour per therapist

  • Number of hours and therapists needed depends on the length of time per massage and the number of residents who want massage.

Contact us to set up on-site massage at your facility today!