Golf Clubs

Massage Benefits Golfers!

Pre-round massage:

  • Warms up muscles and joints

  • Increases flexibility - leading to greater range of motion

  • Guided stretching limbers up tight areas of the body

  • Decreases injuries during golf game!

On the course:

  • Re-energize, invigorate the mind and body

  • Enhance mental focus

  • Release tension so your swing can improve

  • We work quickly, so as to not slow the pace of play

Post-round massage:

  • Helps the body cool down in a healthy way from exertion

  • Moves circulatory, lymphatic, and lactic fluids, thereby preventing post-game soreness

  • Addresses any aches and pains that occurred

  • De-stress


Golf Events

  • On-site massage provided using portable chair or table

  • Pre- and/or post-event capacity

  • Massage during events is a great way to increase participation


  • Corporate events can solicit funding from one of their sponsors or donors

  • Percentage of participants’ entry fees can be designated for massage

  • Individuals can pay per massage


Licensed and Fully insured
Largest team in Capital District
Hassle-free for Golf Clubs, Corporate Events, and Clients: one call/email gets the ball rolling!

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