Massage: Delivered is the premiere choice of many high-end hotels and B&Bs when their guests want a massage onsite. Hotels in Saratoga Springs, Albany and Clifton Park all know that when you want to keep your guests happy, contact Massage: Delivered. One phone call or email, and we can virtually assure you that your guest’s request can be fulfilled*.

The most intelligent hotels have created a system that encourages the guest to book their massages at the same time as making their room reservations - this allows ample planning time, and also gives the guest something wonderful to look forward to. Either as part of their email or phone reservation confirmation system, simply recommend they book a massage as part of their stay.

Large groups, whether business or friendship, benefit from chair or table massage as well. For business gatherings, may we suggest a lunchtime or break-time chair massage for the participants.  For end of the (long) day, longer private massage sessions are a great reward.  Business travelers can utilize this as a gift to the clients they are trying to win over.

*Advance notice typically minimum 24 hours, though we have been know to “work magic” and fulfill last minute or same-day requests.

We used Massage Delivered in our Tradeshow booth in Saratoga Springs. The therapist was very professional, courteous and interacted well with all of our customers. We received rave reviews and I personally enjoyed the massage I got. I would use them again and I highly recommend them.”
— Charmaine F. Castle, CMP, Sr. Sales Manager Hilton Rye Town